Elizabeth Riley
Engaging the "frame" – as event
and medium, as psychic space,
and as physical and social
environment and encounter.

A video celebrating Fern,
art dog – much appreciated
pet and gallery mascot at
Norte Maar, Bushwick.

After a struggle with
oppressive forces, the
dragon is released.

An experiential translation
of a party's engagement,
abandon and temperatures.

In Green Chair 2, clips from the first
Green Chair, captured in rural upstate
New York, have been altered, and new
clips from New York City added, as nature,
culture and human persistence interface.

In Green Chair urbanites inhabit
an alternate realm.

Employing a blue tarp as a metaphorical
dividing line between self and other —
Liberty is a narrative of the integration
of the body and an individual’s
psychological states with the city.

Performing as a time capsule — framed
in familiar materials, such as blueberries,
honey and a lacy tablecloth — the video
. . . the new world concerns the processes
of active change the world is experiencing.
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