Elizabeth Riley
Breathing space with beds (plinths)
2004; Visceglia Gallery, Caldwell College, Caldwell NJ
Fluorescent lights, fans, plastic sheeting, translucent corrugated board, used coffee cups, mylar
96 x 198 x 120"

Two figures or entities in the room space are "beds," low rectangular structures built of translucent board and emptied coffee cups. These architectural forms are lit from behind by red and pink fluorescent lights. Above, fans stir folds of plastic sheeting. Covering the floor, mylar is ground to scattered bolts, nuts and washers, and mirrors the materials and lights above.

This environment, which in its extent is of a piece due to gently permeating light and air, reflection, and the use of translucent and transparent materials, with the plinth/beds as the vehicle, demonstrates within a tension between the possibilities of joining and remaining separate.
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